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(RE)start pracovního trhu


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Photo: MSD database
In cooperation with:
Photo: MSD database

Global biopharmaceutical company MSD offers a unique talent program suitable for hard-working and passionate individuals interested in IT and pharmaceutical industry.


Foundational Automation Analyst/Developer
ETR Program participant


Early Talent Engagement Lead
ETR Program Manager

What is the ETR program, and why is it unique?

R: The Emerging Talent Rotational (ETR) program is a full-time job rotation opportunity for recent university graduates interested in IT. This unique journey takes two years and offers young talents exposure to three diverse IT roles, projects, and teams in the form of rotation assignments to develop their technical, business, and professional capabilities. Consequently, you do not need to decide about your future career in the first job. Instead, you have the freedom to discover the whole company and decide on your specialization later while being part of the program. 

Why did you apply for the program?

J: I got to know MSD through the internship program. I became a part of it when I was finishing my master’s degree in biotechnology. I chose a position in the IT service management office combining IT and science. When the ETR program opened for applications, my manager, who knew I was interested in exploring the IT area more, encouraged me to apply for it. I was accepted to the 2020 Cohort with six other people. 

MSD in Czech Republic

MSD, a leading global biopharmaceutical company, has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1992. MSD provides medicines and vaccines to health professionals, patients and the public against a number of serious, mostly life-threatening diseases. MSD is investing heavily in drug research and development. The shifting of existing knowledge limits allows MSD to bring innovative health solutions and improve the prevention and treatment of diseases that are a significant threat to human and animal lives.

How does the program support its participants on their career journey?

R: The participants have countless possibilities to develop and grow, mainly thanks to the complexity of the program. You will also have the whole „wheel of support“ during the two-year journey – your buddy, individual mentor, coach, executive group mentor, rotation manager, and of course, myself, the ETR programe Lead. There is great exposure to MSD senior leadership, who also sponsors you in your accelerated career at our company.

What experience have you gained so far, and what about your plans after the program graduation?

J: Speaking from the experience of someone who had basic IT knowledge, I have gained so much from the program. In my first rotation, I learned about the company in its wholeness and gained knowledge on the drugs manufacturing process and the impact it brings to people globally. I also gained more insight into the process how is IT reshaping the pharmaceutical industry and MSD as a company. For my second rotation, I work on building bots that work on automating manual processes. After I graduate in the program, I would like to stay in MSD. It is a great company to work for and I believe in the values that it stands for.

What does the perfect candidate look like? 

R: Honestly, there is no perfect profile for the ETR program, so everyone with the right attitudes, behaviours, and real interest in personal and career development, has a chance. We are looking for curious people who share our passion for innovation and technology. If you have a growth mindset and ambition to make a difference in the lives of people globally, don’t hesitate and apply! We will open the position in January. So stay tuned!


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