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The international technology company NKT has been taking care of its employees for a long time, nurturing their potential and development. We provide a friendly, family-like atmosphere, an extensive range of attractive company benefits, and a comprehensive education system. Who is a career at NKT suitable for?

If you’re drawn to an international corporate environment, applying to our Trainee Program is one of the best ways to kickstart your career. Our trainee programs are comprehensive development programs designed for final-year university students and graduates in fields such as electrical engineering, general engineering, physics, electrical power engineering, mechanics, and economics.

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This is a tailored work experience for each participant. Our Trainee Program spans 18 intensive months, featuring a unique 12-month internship in the Czech Republic and a 6-month internship abroad. To help you understand the principles of NKT, an experienced mentor guides each participant through several company departments as part of our rotational program. They will share professional insights while also welcoming your ideas and innovations.

Our goal is for program graduates to seamlessly transition into permanent employment. Upon completion of the Trainee Program, we can objectively assess your potential, gain a comprehensive understanding of your abilities, determine your level of engagement, identify which direction excites you, and see how well you fit into our corporate culture. All these factors help us craft a unique job offer with opportunities for further career development.

We seek motivated, capable, and hardworking colleagues who will bring fresh ideas and uphold NKT’s principles: WE CARE, WE CONNECT, WE DELIVER, WE ADVANCE.

While NKT is a large international company, we also take pride in our rich history and family-like workplace relationships. We offer security and stability. We are looking for new colleagues for the long term—10, 20, even 30 years—and we care deeply about each employee’s satisfaction.

It’s important to understand what motivates each employee. For some, the salary is paramount; others may prefer an extra day off or a cultural experience. That’s why at NKT, we offer a variety of benefits to satisfy everyone. You can look forward to meal vouchers worth 100 Kč, an on-site company canteen, theater tickets, a MultiSport card, company events (go-karting, barbecues, mini-golf…), workshops, semi-annual EBITDA bonuses, and much more.

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