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Global technology company NKT creates innovative cable solutions that contribute to a sustainable future. The company is committed to hiring and supporting young people, who it believes bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the field of technology.


HR Director at NKT

How would you describe your company and its corporate culture to someone who hasn’t heard of NKT?

I have never experienced a company that is so open to diversity and teamwork. NKT is an ambassador of the values „We Care, We Deliver, We Advance.“ We design, manufacture, and install cable solutions that enable sustainable energy transmission. We are a company that understands the needs of the current era and creates products for a greener world.

You often work on new and completely innovative projects. Do you consider NKT to be a dynamic company that is keeping up with the times?

Undoubtedly! Our company is a global supplier with manufacturing plants in Europe, which allows us to design, manufacture, and bring to market high-quality products while also pushing the boundaries of technological innovation in the industry. Our manufacturing plants are among the most modern, flexible, and efficient in the world. We are constantly investing in them to keep them at the highest technological level.

Above-average salary or 5 weeks of vacation? Yes, with us!

NKT offers a wide range of employment opportunities for university students and graduates. Why should they choose to work at NKT?

Students and graduates always have open doors here. We are ready to train newcomers even without previous experience. We are happy to show young graduates the way and help them find the job they have dreamed of and find a place for themselves here. We offer a wide range of prospective growth and opportunities for self-realization. We can pass on our own unique know-how to these candidates. In this way, we pass on important skills and knowledge from generation to generation.

The current job market, the low interest of young people in technical education, manual activities, and in many respects even a somewhat archaic education system, always convince us as an innovative, socially responsible, and sustainable company of how important it is to be able to find, train, and properly support the next generation.

Could you describe the biggest contribution that the young generation brings to the field of technology?

The young generation has innovative thinking, a modern perspective, and enthusiasm. This revives the entire company and brings new perspectives. I consider this to be the greatest contribution. We recognize talents who are eager to learn, and we can also always learn new things from them.

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How exactly does the integration of students and graduates into your work groups take place?

For newcomers, students, and graduates, we have a professional and very informative onboarding process, including a sophisticated training system. In addition, each newcomer has an adaptation plan in place, which includes a qualified trainer or mentor who guides them throughout their training and onboarding for a specific position.

In addition, support for new and existing colleagues never ends here, as we work and create as one team. When I look at my team of HR professionals in Velké Meziříčí or Kladno, I know that they are professionals in the right place. They will advise and help anyone of us. I am personally very proud of them!

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