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Being an intern in companies leads to a both-sided beneficial relationship. What can students gain? And why is important to support the internships?


Early Talent Engagement Lead


Early Talent Engagement Intern

Why should students apply for internships in companies?

Radka: Internships provide students and companies with many mutual benefits. Students gain technical and business experience, develop their skills, and learn from their highly skilled colleagues. On the other hand, the companies get from students fresh perspectives and new ideas.

What should students expect if they decide to join us?

Radka: Students will get hands-on experience that helps them build the capabilities necessary for their future career. We collaborate with our students on a long-term basis, they can be Interns during their whole University studies.

Our internships are part-time, allowing students to combine work and studies. Managers in MSD are very supportive in adjusting the working hours, especially during exam period, thus our students don’t get overwhelmed when building their academic background. About 24% of our students obtain a full-time position within MSD. 

How does MSD support the well-being of interns?

Tereza: Besides training opportunities and flexibility thanks to which I can easily combine work, studies, and student life altogether, I have the possibility of 40 hours per year of paid volunteering. I can choose any non-profit organization to volunteer for. I have already used this opportunity to help an organization supporting people in need in a current challenging situation.

My generation is not growing up in easy times. Fortunately, MSD offers every employee 24/7 psychological support for personal, family, or emotional issues, but also a crisis support for unanticipated events.

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How do you ensure students from different backgrounds feel welcomed in MSD?

Radka: There are more than 85 nationalities in MSD, and we are proud to be an inclusive employer that values diverse backgrounds. We make a special effort to provide our employees with programs that support well-being and an inclusive working environment.

There are currently five communities (EBRGs) in Prague that focus on gender equality, intergenerational understanding, cultural assimilation, LGBTQ+ community support, and the needs of disabled employees.

EBRGs focus on connecting people, raising awareness, and supporting the voices of workers from minority or less privileged groups. Many of our students become part of these groups, joining a great network of people sharing similar values.

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Are you a part of some community and what are the benefits of it?

Tereza: Yes, I am part of capABILITY Network and Women’s Network. In capABILITY Network, I have been taught so many valuable things about people with disabilities, both physical and mental.

Women Network on the other hand unites and appraises women among the company, creates learning opportunities, and builds a great network of support. Both networks create such a safe environment where the members are not afraid to share even very intimate and touching stories from their lives.

Being part of those communities is a rewarding and eye-opening experience, thanks to which I have developed a great sense of understanding.

MSD in Czech Republic

MSD, a leading global biopharmaceutical company, has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1992. MSD provides medicines and vaccines to health professionals, patients and the public against a number of serious, mostly life-threatening diseases. MSD is investing heavily in drug research and development. The shifting of existing knowledge limits allows MSD to bring innovative health solutions and improve the prevention and treatment of diseases that are a significant threat to human and animal lives.


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