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The pandemic has significantly changed the demands on the mental development of employees


CEO platformy pro život a práci Welcome to the Jungle

The two-year coronavirus pandemic and related necessary home office have led to a greater sense of isolation and an increase in mental health issues. Employees often did not have anyone to help them deal with these kind of issues. It is based on data from the survey commissioned by the company called Welcome to the Jungle.

That is why many companies are now taking steps to improve the well-being of their employees. It includes, for example, sessions with a psychotherapist, flexible working hours and an improved corporate culture.

Benefit session with a psychotherapist

The survey shows that 59% of respondents felt isolated from their colleagues while working from home.

Honza Kluson, CEO of Welcome to the Jungle

„During this time, it has also been difficult to maintain a line between their private and professional life. With all this, psychological problems emerged that people did not have to deal with before. Companies are now responding to this shortcoming. Psychotherapy, thus becomes a popular benefit.“

Thanks to the employee feedback, many companies have realized that a mentally satisfied employee is indispensable for the company’s operations.

The era of flexible working hours

The pandemic situation and low unemployment put on the cards for those interested in part-time work. Thanks to the shift to an online environment which eliminates the need to attend offices, this year the course will not only include digital nomads, but also greater work flexibility.

„Companies lack people, thus it will no longer be an exception to hire part-time employees who, for example, already work in other companies or just want a part-time job,“ explains Honza Klusoň. „Thanks to this, work will become more flexible and, most importantly, more accessible to all,“ adds Klusoň.

Job flexibility is one of the most common criteria for people looking for work-life balance seek.

A corporate culture that develops with society

Along with the company, its needs are also evolving. And with these needs, the corporate culture naturally develops as well. The extended acronym DEI&B hides a new property belonging.

„The acronym DEI&B hides an element without which the current DE&I philosophy would not work. Because if employees don’t feel good in the team and work environment, if they think they don’t belong there, it’s not the corporate culture they want to stay in. Moreover, in an environment where people truly feel being a part of, they are willingly involved in processes, decisions and tasks, “ explains Honza Klusoň, adding: „Unfortunately, unlike other indicators, fellowship is more difficult to measure. The best way is to communicate actively and openly with employees, find out their feelings and ask for feedback.“


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